National Sports Award 2015

The Mauritius Sports Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth & Sports organised the 30th Edition of the National Sports Award Gala Night 2015 on Saturday 30 January 2016 at the J & J Auditorium at Phoenix in the presence of:
• Hon. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth;
• Hon. Yogida Sawmynaden, Minister of Youth & Sports;
• Hon. Roland Alain Wong Yen Cheong, M.S.K, Minister of Civil Service Affairs;
• Hon. Purmanund Jugroo, Government Chief Whip;
• Hon. Jean Claude Guy Lepoigneur, MP;
• Hon. Jean-Nel Alain Aliphon, MP;
• Mr. Ismael Valimamode, Commissioner of Sports & Health in Rodrigues;
• Mr. V.K. Daby, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth & Sports;
• Mrs. Sarah Rawat Currimjee, Chairperson of the Mauritius Sports Council, Board Members and staff;
• Mr. Philippe Hao Thyn Voon, President of the Mauritius National Olympic Committee;
• Mr. Michael Glover, CVO, Chief Executive of Trust Fund for Excellence in Sports;
• Mr. Jacques Malié, MSK, Chairman of the Panel Committee of the National Sports Award;
• Mr. Giandev Moteea, Chairman of the “Club Maurice”;
• Advisors of the Ministry of Youth & Sports;
• Representatives of National Sports Federations, athletes, coaches and
• the Press
The representatives of the under mentioned companies who sponsored the National Sports Award 2015 were also present for the Gala Night.
Pick N Eat Ltd Mr Junaid Muslun, Managing Director
Mauritius Telecom/Orange​ Mr Neeraj Mounien, Chief B2B Market
Vital Mr Khursheed Beebeejaun, Commercial Manager
SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd Mr Jairaj Sonoo, C.S.K, Chief Executive-Banking (Indian Ocean Islands)
Nestlé’s Products (Mauritius) Ltd Mr Allan Brelu-Brelu, Cluster Manager – Indian Ocean Islands
City Sport Maurice Ltee Mr Dominique Filleul, General Director
Mauvilac Industries Ltd Mr Jean Yves Koenig, General Manager
MC Vision Mrs Ghislaine Tchibozo, General Manager
Airports of Mauritius Co Ltd Mr Rajeev Lollbeharee, Head of Security Services of AML
Panagora Marketing Co Ltd Miss Anjina Saddul, Marketing Manager
Plyfoam Mr Shuaib Sayed & Mr Adnaan Sayed
Mauritius Ports Authority Mrs Aruna Bunwaree Ramsaha, Deputy Director General


The winners of the National Sports Award 2015 are as follows:

(represented by
his parents)
Athletics Rs 100,000/- Pick N Eat Ltd

(represented by his parents)

Badminton Rs 100,000/- Mauritius Telecom / Orange
(represented by
his parents)
Equestrian Rs 60,000/- Vital
JUNIOR SPORTSWOMAN BOY Amelie Tennis Rs 60,000/- SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd
MOST PROMISING SPORTSMAN BONGOUT Alexandre Badminton Rs 50,000/- Nestlé’s Products (Mauritius) Ltd
MOST PROMISING SPORTSWOMAN IP HEN CHEUNG Tessa Swimming Rs 50,000/- City Sport Maurice Ltee
COACH OF THE YEAR 2015 ‘SPORTS INDIVIDUELS’ BAZILE Judex Boxing Rs 50,000/- Mauvilac Industries Ltd
COACH OF THE YEAR 2015 ‘SPORTS COLLECTIFS MINIOPOO Melchior Volleyball Rs 50,000/- MC Vision
TEAM OF THE YEAR 2015 ‘SPORTS INDIVIDUELS’ Mauritius Senior Badminton Team Badminton Rs 60,000/- Airports of Mauritius Co Ltd
TEAM OF THE YEAR 2015 ‘SPORTS COLLECTIFS’ National Team Men(represented by Mr. Melchior Miniopoo) Volleyball Rs 60,000/- Panagora Marketing Co Ltd
​Sportsman of the Year 2014 (Handisports) ​Vincent Duval ​Aurally  Rs 50,000/- ​Plyfoam
​Sportswoman of the Year 2014 (Handisports) ​Noemi Alphonse ​Physically ​Rs 50,000/- ​Mauritius Ports Authority

A gift comprising of a mobile phone was also offered to the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year 2015 by Mauritius Telecom / Orange.

Trophies were offered to all winners by the Mauritius Sports Council.

Memorial Award 
In view to pay tribute to Late Ashley Chummun (Swimming Coach) and to Late Jean Hilary Yvan Pierrot (Gold Medalist in Weightlifting at the Indian Ocean Island Games 2015) for their commitment in the field of sports and outstanding performances, a memorial was remitted to their families by the Hon. Minister of Youth & Sports.

Gift Voucher
Mr. Dominique Filleul of City Sport presented a gift voucher of Rs 1,500 to Mrs. Sarah Rawat Currimjee, Chairperson of the Mauritius Sports Council, which will be remitted to all nominees of the National Sports Award 2015.

During the Gala night, the guests were entertained by various artists namely:
• NINAD Dance Company
• Nicolas Ormazabal
• Ming Tek Centre
• Jane Constance
• Les Freres Joseph
• Mauravann

The hostesses were dressed by City sport.

Artistic Director: Mr. Percy Yip Tong

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