Launching of Yoplait / Candia Sports Medicine Programme for Year 2017

The Mauritius Sports Council in collaboration with Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd and the Ministry of Youth & Sports proceeded with the Launching of Yoplait / Candia Sports Medicine Programme for the Year 2017 at Quatre Bornes State Secondary School on Tuesday 17 January 2017 in the presence of:

  • Hon. Anil Kumarsingh Gayan, Minister of Health & Quality of Life;
  • Mrs. Sarah Rawat Currimjee, Chairperson of the Mauritius Sports Council, Members and staff
  • Mr. S. Rangan, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Youth & Sports and Board Member of the Mauritius Sports Council
  • Mr. Sasikumar Dulloo, Rector
  • Mrs. Anjina Saddul Tulsidas, Marketing Manager, Panagora Marketing Co Ltd
  • Ms. Magalie Karuppanen, Brand Manager, Panagora Marketing Co Ltd
  • Ms. Aurore Lam, Marketing Coordinator, Panagora Marketing Co Ltd
  • Mrs. Farida Chettoo, President of the Parent Teachers Association
  • Mrs. Joyce Agathe, Representative of Zone 4
  • Mrs. Geeantee Toory, President of the ‘Commission Nationale du Sport Feminin
  • Board Member of the Mauritius Sports Council
  • Mr. Poonambalum, Chairman of the Trust Fund for Excellence in Sports
  • Teachers, staff and students.

The Yoplait / Candia Sports Medicine Programme is sponsored by Panagora Marketing Co Ltd. It is a series of talks delivered on Good Nutrition and on the Benefit of Sports. The objectives of the talks are to make the public aware of the benefits of Sports Medicine, proper physical activities and a good nutrition for maintaining a healthy life style. 

The talks will be organised for the benefit of students in Primary and Secondary Institutions as well as in Women’s Associations and Senior Citizens Centres throughout the island twice a month. A First Aid Kit, an Ice Box and sports equipment were offered to the Rector. The Resource Persons proceeded with the talks as follows:

• Good nutrition, presented by Ms. Divya Poorun, Nutritionist

• The Importance of Physical Activities  presented by Mr. Michel Chang Kye, Physiotherapist, Chairman Medical / Paramedical Committee of the Mauritius Sports Council

475 students attended the talks and were very enthusiastic to hear the resource persons. A quiz was held with questions related to the talks on Sports Medicine at the end of the programme. 

Seven students, namely Yashetasing Conjobeeharry, Juwayla Peerbux, Aurore Marypa, Vanshika Bhundoo, Parainen Sooryana, Khan Humairaa Zainab and Bawol Mithila answered correctly the questions and were awarded T- shirt as prizes.

A song and zumba dances were presented by the students as interludes. At the end of the talks, Candia Milk and booklet on Sports Medicine were offered to all students. 

The Mauritius Sports Council expressed its warm thanks and gratitude to Mr. Sasikumar Dulloo, the Rector who gave his full support for implementation of the project. 

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