Yoplait Candia Sports Medicine Programme in Rodrigues

Yoplait / Candia Sports Medicine Programme held in Rodrigues scheduled from 22 to 25 August 2017Composition of delegation:

1.     Mrs. Sarah RAWAT CURRIMJEEChairperson Mauritius Sports Council
2.     Mr. E. Michel CHANG. KYE 3.     Mrs. Geeantee TOORY4.     Mr. Z. JANOOPhysiotherapist, Chairman of the Medical Committee, Board Member MSCBoard Member MSCManaging Secretary
5.     Ms. Aurore LAM 6.     Mrs. Madvi GOOLJARRepresentative of the Brand Yoplait & Candia (Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd)Supporting Staff
7.     Mr. Rajeev GHOORAHSupporting Staff

Resource Persons:

·         Mr. Michel CHANG KYEPhysiotherapist, Board Member MSC
·         Mr. Christopher RABOUDE·         Dr. Bernard BAPTISTENutritionistDoctor

 The Mauritius Sports Council in close collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and under the sponsorship of the Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd organizes talks on Yoplait/Candia Sports Medicine Programme for the benefit of students of primary and secondary institutions, Women Centres and Senior Citizens Association throughout the island and in Rodrigues. Mrs. Sarah RAWAT CURRIMJEE, Chairperson of MSC had a Courtesy visit with the Chief Commissioner and Commissioner for Education, Mr. Serge Clair.  She also had a work session with the Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Mrs. Marie Rose DE LIMA EDOUARD on Wednesday 23 August 2017.  They agreed on the motion that the Commission for Youth & Sports will work in collaboration with the Mauritius Sports Council on the projects of ‘Sports For All’ and that two persons from Rodrigues will be delegated to form part of the Committees in MSC.  The objectives of the talks are to raise awareness on the benefit of physical activities and a balance diet for a healthy lifestyle. The talks comprise of the following topics:·         The importance of a good nutrition /balanced diet·         The importance of physical activities and its benefit on health·         The use of ice in the treatment of minor injuries. As it has been the practice to conduct talks in Rodrigues, a Delegation from the Mauritius Sports Council proceeded to Rodrigues from 21 to 25 August 2017. Equipment Necessary arrangements have been made through the Mauritius Shipping Corporation for the shipment of Sports equipment, Booklets and Candia milk, which were offered, to primary and secondary schools / Senior Citizens Associations / Women Associations.  Site visits in the presence of the Managing Secretary were also conducted on Monday 21 August 2017 at Montagne Goyaves Community School (where Launching Ceremony was scheduled) and at Le Chou College for the smooth running of the programme.  Also had a meeting with the Departmental Head of Commission for Education, Mr. Sivananda Sooprayen whereby he went through the draft programme and confirmed that the Commissioner for Education, Mr. Serge Clair would not attend the Ceremony. In line with the Board decision, the Mauritius Sports Council visited the primary and secondary schools, Senior Citizens’ and Women’s Associations situated in very remote areas, thus giving the opportunity to the students and members of the public to benefit from the sessions and bring awareness on a healthy life style. Calendar of Activities in respect of Schools / Colleges, Women’s Associations and Senior Citizens from period 22 to 25 August 2017  

SNDay/Date:Time:Venue:In the presence of different personalities:No. of Participants:
1Tuesday 22 August 20178h45 – 11h00Montagne Goyaves Community Government School1.     Commissioner for Youth and Sports –              Mrs Marie Rose DE LIMA EDOUARD.2.     The Chairperson of MSC –                             Mrs. Sarah RAWAT CURRIMJEE.3.     The Managing Secretary of MSC,                       Mr. Zameer JANOO.4.     Sports Officer to the Com.  Of Youth & Sports                                                                    Mr. Elvino PIERRE LOUIS5.     The representative of the Brands Yoplait & Candia.                                                                  Miss Aurore LAM6.     The Head Master of Montagne Goyaves Community Govt. School,                            Mrs. Jeanne D’Arc ROUSSETY.7.     The Resource Persons –                             Mr. Michel CHANG KYE (Physiotherapist & Board Member),                                          Mr. Christopher RABOUDE (Nutritionist) and  Dr. Bernard BAPTISTE8.     The Regional Inspector, (Com. for Edu)                                                         Mr. Orlando AUGUSTE9.     The Health and Physical Educator,                   Mr. Raphael SPEVILLE10.  The Coach of Commission for Youth and Sports,  Mr. Moreno SPEVILLE179
2Tuesday 22 August 201713h30 – 14h30Le Chou College(1)   Chairperson of MSC(2)   Rector of Le Chou College, Mr. Ram Krishna BHOWANY.(3)   Managing Secretary of MSC(4)   The representative of the Brands Yoplait & Candia(5)   Resource persons.(6)   Board Members(7)   Supporting Staff of MSC228
3Wednesday 23 August 201709h30 – 11h00Rodrigues College, Port Mathurin(1)   Managing Secretary of MSC(2)   Head of Department (Junior Section), Mr. Giovani ETIENNE(3)   The representative of the Brands Yoplait & Candia(4)   Resource persons.(5)   Board Member.(6)   Teaching and non-teaching Staff(7)   Supporting Staff of MSC74 
4Wednesday 23 August 201713h30 – 15h00Oyster Bay Community Centre – Women’s Group(1)   The President of the village Oyster Bay, Mrs. Marie Vienneka ROUSSETY(2)   The representative of the Brands Yoplait & Candia(3)   Resource persons.(4)   Board Member.(5)   Supporting Staff of MSC43
5Thursday 24 August 201710h00 – 11h15Grande La Fouche Corail Community Centre – Senior Citizen(1)   The Managing Secretary of MSC(2)   Responsible of the Centre, Mrs. Remy CYBILLE(3)   The representative of the Brands Yoplait & Candia(4)   Resource persons.(5)   Board Member.(6)   Supporting Staff of MSC 26
6Thursday 24 August 201713h00 – 14h30Ste Famille RCA School(1)   The Managing Secretary of MSC(2)   The Head Master –Mrs. Simonette TOLBIZE(3)   The representative of the Brands Yoplait & Candia(4)   Resource persons.(5)   Board Member(6)   Teaching and non-teaching Staff(7)   Supporting Staff of MSC260
7Friday 25 August 20179h00 – 10h30Montagne Charlot Community Govt. School(1)   The Managing Secretary of MSC(2)   The Head Master, Mr. Richemond FLORE. (3)   The Deputy Head Master, Mrs. Marie ROUSSETY(4)   The Deputy Head Master, Mrs. Mericie Limock(5)   The Physical Educator, Mr. Markley. ROUSSETY(6)   The representative of the Brands Yoplait & Candia(7)   Resource persons.(8)   Board Member(9)   Supporting Staff of MSC224          
8Friday 25 August 201711h20 – 12h30Grande Montagne Women’s Group(1) The Managing Secretary of MSC(2) The Responsible of the Women’s Group, Mr. Moreno SPEVILLE (3) The representative of the Brands Yoplait & Candia(4) Resource persons.(5) Board Member(6) Supporting Staff of MSC22

   Ice Box, First Aid Kit & Sports equipment was donated to the Primary and Secondary Schools.  Candia Milk & Perette were distributed to the participants by the representative of the Brands Yoplait & Candia, Miss Aurore Lam. Total number of participants – 1056

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