Management Seminars

Management Seminars organised for office bearers of National Sports Federations is the new approach developed by the Mauritius Sports Council in year 2006 for competency enhancement in the sports field. It coincides with the new vision and impetus that the council has set up for the proper development of sports in Mauritius.
  • To empower the management team of sports federations to take good decisions.
  • To install and develop managerial skills for competency enhancement of our sports leaders so that they can deliver value to their target audience.
  • To help sports federations to market their products and services in a more professional and efficient manner.
  • To develop communication skills among our sports leaders.
  • To acquire quality concepts and at the same time implement actions through a quality management framework.
  • To encourage sports federations to evolve a code of conduct and adopt the principles of good governance.
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