Signature of Contract SBM Winter Sports Camp

The Mauritius Sports Council & the Ministry of Youth & Sports in collaboration with SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd proceeded with the signature of contract for the Launching of SBM Winter Sports Camp for Year 2017 on Thursday 27 July 2017 at the National Badminton Centre, Rose Hill in the presence of:

  •  Mrs. Sarah Rawat Currimjee, Chairperson of the Mauritius Sports Council, Members and staff
  • Mr. Thierry Coret, Head of Marketing & Communications SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd
  • Ms. Tania Ragaven, Marketing Officer, SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd
  • Mr. Soudesh Kumar Appadoo, Senior Sports Officer, Ministry of Youth & Sports
  • Mr. Zameer Janoo, Managing Secretary, Mauritius Sports Council
  • Members of Non Governmental Organisations
  • 50 children from NGO Riviere de Rempart and Cité Barkly
  • Mr. Rujub Reazooddin, Coordinator of Sports Camp
  • Mrs. Chantal L’Ecluse, Mr. Ashley Jatoonah and Mr. Jackie Zuel, Badminton Coaches
  • Members of the Press

The Mauritius Sports Council, in collaboration with SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd, is organising the SBM Winter Holiday Sports Camp for the children on school holidays. The Mauritius Sports Council is, with the program, putting nearly all its sports infrastructures along with the Youth Centres around the island at the disposal of the children ageing 8-17 years old, in every region of Mauritius. Well structured sports programs, with qualified coaches are prepared to ensure that the children are fully supported during the camps. 

The hours during school holidays may be dangerous and much research has shown that idle children and youth are most likely to use alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs and more likely to experiment with sex.

Research have shown that children who attend high quality sports programs have better peer relations, emotional adjustment, conflict resolution skills, grades and behaviour in school than peers who are not in sports programs. We want the children to indulge in sport at a very young age, hence promoting a sport culture for a healthier lifestyle. 

The Sports Camp also includes a large number of NGOs from all over Mauritius; those caring for deprived and underprivileged children. The aim is to give the opportunity to every child. The objectives of the Holiday Sports Camp are as follows:

  • Encourage the practice of various sports discipline during the school holidays
  • Make optimum use of our sports infrastructure
  • Inculcate a sports culture at the very early stage of youth development
  • Bring sports to youth in every locality of Mauritius
  • Serve as a fruitful learning activity and prevent the youngsters from idleness
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle.

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