As part of its role to encourage best practice management for National Sports Federations, the Mauritius Sports Council organised a half day workshop on Sports Management (Refresher Course) on Saturday 21 September 2013 in the Conference Room of the Basketball/Handball Gymnasium at Phoenix in the presence of:
  • Mr. Kris L. Appadoo, Chairman of the Mauritius Sports Council,Board Members & staff
  • Mr. R. Achille, Advisor at the Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Mrs. Anne Joyejob, President of the “Commission Nationale du Sport Feminin”
  • Mr. D. Putty, Senior Sports Officer of the Ministry of Youth and Sports


The seminar was meant for the benefit of Presidents, Treasurers and Administrative Secretaries of National Sports Federations and the objectives were as follows:
  • To help Presidents, Treasurers and Administrative Secretaries to improve their management skills for their Associations
  • To impart values, attitudes and philosophy about Management of Sports and Quality Management
  • To provide participants a forum of exchange and sharing of ideas on common issues related to Sports Management
  • To enhance integrity in the management of sports federations and
  • Managing Finance


The resource persons spoke on the following topics

Mr. Jacques Malié, MSK

  • Sports Management
  • Sports Administration

Mr. Zeyeed Chuttoo- Auditor

  • Managing Finance


Mr. Kailash Koonjal – Chief Corruption Prevention Officer – ICAC

  • Enhancing Integrity in the Management of Sports Federations


Approximately 60 participants attended the workshop.

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