The Mauritius Sports Council under the Sponsorship of Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd organized the Yop
Athlete Award for the months of July to December 2021 as per the convenience of the Winners from
08th to 10th March 2022 in the presence of:
• Dr. BAPTISTE Henry Bernard – Director of the Mauritius Sports Council
• Mr. RAMSURRUN Sarvankumarsingh – Assistant Manager Financial Operations of the
Mauritius Sports Council
• Mrs. SINGH Sudha – Human Resource Executive of the Mauritius Sports Council
• Mr. GRACIEUX Denver – Representative of Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd
• Supporting staff of the Mauritius Sports Council
• Members of Press
The aim of YOP Athlete Award of the Month is to reward our athletes and students over the age of 16
who have participated at Regional, National and International Level in different disciplines and
competitions. These champions are Role Models for our young people of today and the Mauritius
Sports Council encourages students in schools to follow their examples by practicing a sport activity.
Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd is one of our main partner, which for several years now, continues to
sponsor our efforts to create and maintain a high sense of professionalism in the management and
sports practices offered by Mauritius Sports Council under its brand ‘Active Mauritius’.

The Winners of YOP Athlete Award are as follows:

1. SOOKHOO Bhirsing – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu July 2021
2. ALPHONSE Noemi – Physfed August 2021
3. ROBERTSON Jean Warren Christopher – Kickboxing September 2021
4. CORET Marie Annaelle – Kickboxing October 2021
5. LAM WAI YAM Kenrick – Tennis November 2021
6. MADANAMOOTHOO Jack Anthony – Weightlifting December 2021

A trophy, a certificate, and a cheque of Rs. 4,000/- was offered by the Mauritius Sports Council and
YOP products (Yop, Cap, Polo Shirt, Key ring, and pen) were offered by Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd.
Please note that YOP ATHLETE AWARD was organized at the convenience of each athlete due to
sanitary Covid – 19 Protocols.