After school Learn To Swim programme PERIOD : – WEEK- 23rd May 2022 to 27th May 2022 WEEK 11st July to 15th July 2022 Total No of sessions = 8. A total fee of Rs 200 for 8 sessions. Grade 7 to Grade 9 – 15 00 to 16 00 hours. Grade 4 to Garde […]
The Mauritius Sports Council under the Sponsorship of Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd organized the YopAthlete Award for the months of July to December 2021 as per the convenience of the Winners from08th to 10th March 2022 in the presence of:• Dr. BAPTISTE Henry Bernard – Director of the Mauritius Sports Council• Mr. RAMSURRUN Sarvankumarsingh – […]
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