The Mauritius Sports Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports & Recreation and under the Sponsorship of Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd organized the Talk on Yoplait/ Candia Sports Medicine at Gokhoola Community Centre on Friday 16th September 2022 in the presence of:

  • Miss Trisha Mogun- Community Support Officer (CSO)
  • Mr. Omduth Ramsun- Community Support assistant (CSA)
  • Mr. Conrad Thomas – Nutritionist from Active Mauritius
  • Miss Juliane Clair- Nutritionist from Active Mauritius
  • Supporting staff of Mauritius Sports Council.

Ice Box and First Aid Kit were offered to the Centre by the Mauritius Sports Council, same sponsored by Panagora Marketing Co. Ltd.

The main objective of the talk is to make the people aware of the importance of physical activities and good nutrition for maintaining a good and a healthy lifestyle.

The talks comprised of.

•          The Importance of Physical Activities and Good Nutrition by Mr. Conrad Thomas and Miss Juliane claire

•          40 participants attended the talk.

Quiz related to the talk were conducted and the winners namely, Mrs. Brigitte Laida and Mrs. Chaya Sewak won the quiz and were awarded a tshirt.

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